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ThoughtWorks Vapasi Interest Group is a networking platform for interested technical women on a career break looking to restart their careers, to connect with Vapasi alumni.

Vapasi is a #TalkTechToHer initiative from ThoughtWorks India, designed to enable experienced women technologists who are currently on a career break and looking to re-enter the world of software. Currently the training sessions have been tailored to developers and quality analysts.

This Vapasi Interest Group is a networking platform for Vapasi alumni and those interested in the program to connect and engage with those who’ve been successful at restarting their careers in tech after a break.

In 2019 ThoughtWorks will be hosting 8 VAPASI bootcamps across 6 Cities (Tentative Calendar below). Please feel free to invite your friends and peers to this group, whom you believe can benefit from this program.

2019 Vapasi Calendar -

5th June 2019: Pune (Developers)
5th August 2019: Gurgaon (Developers)
5th August 2019: Chennai (Developers)
5th August 2019: Hyderabad (Developers)
26th August 2019: Bangalore (Developers)
11th November 2019: Pune (QA)

Coimbatore- To be decided ..


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