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Open Group Open Group
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Come on board this group of women who’re nailing the work-from-home rules, and making it work for them, regardless of the job roles they are in.

Open Group Open Group
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Conference, career fair, mentorship and more on offer at JobsForHer's flagship event, HerRising, exclusively for women professionals looking for career nirvana.

Open Group Open Group
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Regardless of your career break, or the industry you are in, if you’re ready to forge ahead in your career- then this group will help you build a strong career!

Open Group Open Group
1127 members

This group will help women identify job roles in Bangalore only, from companies of all sizes - small, medium, large

Open Group Open Group
740 members

This support group for women is a discussion forum with exchanges on job opportunities in Mumbai, updates on career development events, timely expert chats and more.


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Rekindle Your Career With Amazon’s ‘rekindle’

Rekindle Your Career With Amazon’s ‘rekindle’

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