About Us

JobsForHer is a connecting portal to accelerate women’s careers in India by
enabling them to start, restart and rise in their careers.

Our vision is to enable women to achieve their full potential.
Whether you have taken a break in your career, are currently working or want to start your career afresh, JobsForHer can accelerate your career journey, no matter your life stage. Sign up now to gain access to:
JobsForHer provides end-to-end diversity talent solutions to companies to recruit, retain and develop female talent in their companies. Our solutions include:
Recruit & Reconnect
Build a strong candidate pipeline and bring back experienced women alumni
  • Company Showcase
  • Social Media Accelerator
  • Returnee Programs
  • Alumni Outreach
  • Expert Chats
Retain & Rise
Engage with internal women talent and develop them to leadership level
  • Leadership Training
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Engaging Women's Networks
  • Skilling & Sensitization Workshops
  • Curated Events
JobsForHer provides branding & engagement solutions to our partners who are working with us to accelerate women’s careers, through myriad ways. Gain access to:
Women Professionals
Women Professionals
Companies across India
Companies across India
If you are an experienced industry leader and wish to pay it forward by providing guidance and inspiration to women who want to accelerate their careers, then join our MentorHer program. Sign up now to start engaging with our women talent via:
Expert Chats
Expert Chats
Expert Blogs
Expert Blogs
Expert Webinars
Expert Webinars

Our Story

In March 2015, JobsForHer was founded by Neha Bagaria and a team of 5 other women returnees, working out
of Social, Church Street, a restobar in Bangalore. That team has now grown to over 60 members, with 80%
women returnees, with a culture of high ownership, deep accountability and inclusive support to one another.
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Our Team

Our Advisors

Dhruv Shenoy comes with 28 years of experience spread across Advertising, Marketing, Consulting and Entrepreneurship. His career is built on

  • 11 years of delivering successful Advertising solutions to big brands at Ogilvy Advertising

  • 6 years of managing Marketing for Monster.com’s Asia-Pacific business

  • 3 years of starting up and creating a successful, independent business unit within Monster.com (Monstergulf.com) and

  • 6 years of Entrepreneurship (Insighto.com and Knowience Consulting).

A professional in the field of Human Resources, Shubha has been passionate about fostering growth and development of people in organizations. As a young professional who joined an Indian IT firm, Shubha transitioned to several challenging and exciting leadership roles in several organizations in the 25 years that has spanned her career in HR. As a leader now of her own consulting firm she strives to provide an environment to clients which fosters actions in the transformational space through their people processes.

Shubha has served in key leadership positions with various leading companies such as:

  • At Hewlett Packard served as the Director of Human Resources and one of the Key Leads for Compaq integration with HP for 10 years.

  • Was responsible for setting up the Software Development Center for HP China.

  • At Dell (erstwhile Perot Systems) served as the VP HR for their global PSI division and lead an international HR team.

  • At AXA Technology served as VP HR Asia Pacific responsible for India, Hong Kong Australia and Japan. At IBM as HR Manager for the IBM Global Services (erstwhile TISL).

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