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Career development, anyone?

Well then, don't underestimate the power of discussion forums for networking events like these. Because HerRising houses inspiration in the form of a Career Fair, Conference and Networking.
Attendees get to be a part of life-changing panel discussions, exchanges with companies — small, medium and large — and networking with several women professionals, who much like you, are looking to rise in their careers.

Why Join:
Well, simply because discussion forums like these are rare and so worth it!

So, come aboard to :

  • Stay in the know of all that will take place at every HerRising event
  • Get first-hand information on exclusive offers and updates on all that’s going into the making
  • Make a suggestion, give us feedback and voice your opinion

From all our experience of having interacted with women professionals over the last 4 years, these are the statements we hear ALL THE TIME :

“Networking is that underrated, secret weapon that very few make use of in one’s career!”
“The kind of career growth that’s possible when you attend networking events, is unbelievable!”
“Events like these are a must-attend because you never know how and when opportunity knocks your door!”

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