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Do you think there are too few women in the tech industry? Come on board this Group and find out for yourself.

The tech industry is booming now more than ever before, but so is the number of women coming into the fold. And this Group is all about them. Whether a starter, restarter or a professional seeking to rise in the ranks, Women in Tech is a platform for every woman to share her concerns, queries and experiences about a career in this field.

Why join the Women in Tech Group?

  • Here’s where you can connect with women who have been there and done that, to women who are just starting and those who are returning to the tech world after a break
  • Stay up-to-date with achievements and trends in the tech industry
  • Get inside information on new opportunities and events
  • Tune into industry-specific expert chats with mentors

  • Get guidance and insights from industry leaders through Expert Chats
  • Be privy to special invites to exclusive events from our partners
  • Watch live updates within the group about top companies on the JobsForHer portal

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