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Do you have a passion for data science and machine learning? Wish for a platform to address your concerns on how to get a career started in the field?

Join the Women in AI/ML Group right away and get answers to ALL your concerns about a career in AI & ML .
Find out how you can make the best use of our reskilling courses to get ahead in your career successfully!

Why join the Women in AI/ML Group

  • This is your one-stop shop for any information regarding AI&ML jobs across the country
  • Get updates on jobs, events, courses and Expert Chats to help you make the right decisions
  • Connect with other women who share this passion, get advice and tips on what you can do to make a successful career in AI & ML


  • Be the first to receive information on special courses and offers for women returnees
  • Ask questions, answer others and stay connected with the community
  • Get guidance on your job search and navigating the JobsForHer portal from our Community Management Interns

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