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Women writers in India are on the rise, and how! Sitting high on the list of best career options you can choose to work from home, freelance, or do part-time in this career field.

Over the last few years, a large number of women have been seen switching careers from fields as diverse as Technology, Human Resources and more, to Content Writing.
Why? Because content writing opens its arms to flexibility to one and all who carry the expertise to see it through.

Why Join:

Well, firstly because the future of success lies in COMMUNITY.
And, also because when you choose writing as a career, just like any other, you will need the tools to stay relevant, to stay updated and fall back on others for feedback!(That’s how writers communities and book clubs came into being.)


  • Find all the help you need in the form of content writing tools from fellow women writers
  • Get a know of (and share info on) writing workshops, courses and more in your local area and city
  • Expand your vision and creativity by tuning in to the other voices on the group

Ready to come on board?


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