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Open Group Open Group
3137 members

Neha Bagaria is the Founder of JobsForHer who restarted her career and is committed to women in or out of the workforce, living and owning their own career journeys!

Open Group Open Group
1199 members

Neeraja Ganesh is a mentor on JobsForHer offering career-help by mentoring, coaching and networking, aiming to draw a map for India’s working women to rise at work!

Open Group Open Group
79 members

This group is for women looking for guidance and motivation to pursue careers in HR. Find Expert Chats, career guidance, mentor activity and more.

Open Group Open Group
32 members

This group is for women wanting to build on their leadership skills or grow careers in talent management, risk management, and management consulting.

Open Group Open Group
31 members

This group seeks to build women in leadership and provide career advice in the fields of talent acquisition, human resource management, and more.