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Imagine a community of women who can be their own support groups!

The JobsForHer Foundation is making ready to change mindsets; inform a gender neutral ecosystem; engage with educational institutions to create awareness and leadership amongst girls; celebrate and showcase women's achievements and close the confidence gap.

This group is for you to find voices that share your concerns, challenges and triumphs. To ask questions, to answer them, to learn, relearn and build a workplace that is fair and open to all. To Start, Restart and Rise in your career and in life... Together!

Group Guidelines:
Heya folks!
Welcome to the JobsForHer Foundation group. A group that has been exclusively formed for you and other
like-minded women keeping your career aspirations in focus.
However, for the healthy functioning of a group, a code of conduct is a must. And so, we’ve
put together a bunch of simple, easy-to-remember-and-follow guidelines.
1. Respect the purpose and objective of your group:
Career relevant discussions that are encouraging and informative are most welcome.
Avoid sending irrelevant/generic forwards, birthday wishes, good morning/ goodnight
wishes, etc. on the group.
2. Verify the authenticity of the content you share (whether videos, forwards, job
referrals, events, etc.):
Social media is infested with information that’s untrue. So better to research such
sources rather than be guilty of spreading wrong information.
3. Report any objection you may have about a/any post in the group, to the admins
of the group, rather than taking it up personally on the forum.
4. Avoid commenting on sensitive topics such as religion, community, politics and
the like:
We all have different perspectives and values, so let’s make sure no one’s sentiments
are hurt.
5. DO NOT spam the group, call or message any member at unearthly hours.
We must bear in mind and respect the interests and time schedules of all members,
6. Refrain from soliciting your personal business or a third-party business on the
7. Be judicious about any personal information you choose to share, as this is a
public domain.
8. Please take any one-to-one discussion outside the group.
9. Any report on a user will give the admin the right to remove that member from
the group.


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