7 Awesome HR Jobs That Pay Well Too!

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  • 04 Jul 2019

HR jobs encompass such a massive field that just one job role is not enough to encapsulate all the work done by HR professionals.

HR has come to mean more than just managing the human potential within a company. 

Human Resources are now branching out to differentiate between recruiting or talent acquisition, audit consulting and even business partnerships.

And the scope is just growing.


Did you know that a LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends Report states that HR jobs are now diversifying to include using artificial intelligence and new hiring tools like video, virtual reality and even
online soft skills assessment tools?

This means that there are a multitude of options in HR job roles for you to choose from, and you can pick the role that works best for you.

If you are a woman proficient in people skills, personnel management and are enthusiastic about new opportunities, then HR jobs are the right fit for you.

JobsForHer lists the 7 best HR jobs that pay well and keep you at the forefront of the field:

1. Human Resources Business Partner

Salary: Rs 70k-75k/month

A Human Resources Business Partner's role is vast and encompasses a whole range of responsibilities.

Beginning from payroll activities, third-party staffing and employee communication, a HR Business Partner is also responsible for manpower planning and projections that help employees meet business goals.

The role also involves identifying talent among managers and helping them move up to critical positions in the company.

It is important for candidates to know Indian labour laws and make sure the overall HR department complies with them.

Apply for this job here.

2. Audit Consultant — Human Resources Risk

Salary: Rs 60k-70k/month

Another exciting new opportunity is in assessing human resources risks by working as an audit consultant.

Corporate audit work is in a state of change and is now growing to include interacting with various levels in an organisation, understanding the value of individual contributors and briefing senior leaders on audit findings.

Candidates will need advanced knowledge of HR processes and experience in managing operational audits within businesses.

Ease of use with data analytics and the ability to support continuous risk assessment are advantages.

Apply for this job here.

3. HR Manager (Capability & Culture Building)

Salary: Rs 55k-60k/month

Building a culture within an organisation is an important task.

Not only must you understand the ethos of the organisation, but also ensure that the same sentiment resonates within the workspace.

That's why it becomes the HR department's job to make sure candidates that embody this ethos are hired and retained.

Moreover, it is the HR manager's work to conduct appropriate organisation-wide training, employee-engagement activities, implement a good rewards program and even initiate new joinee induction programs.

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4. Search Consultant

Salary: Rs 45k-50k/month

Finding candidates to fill senior roles is beyond the purvey of in-hour human resources staff, and it cannot be left to typical third-party recruiters either.

That's why many companies hire specific search consultant to staff their senior roles.

A search consultant understands the organisation's needs for a particular role and liaises with search agencies to find the right candidate for the role.

They are also in constant contact with their clients to ensure the candidates are the right fit in the organisation.

The job requires analytical and project management skills, but doesn't necessarily have to be a full-time position.

In fact, many search consultants work freelance and enjoy flexible work timings.

Apply for this job here.

5. Talent Acquisition Expert

Salary: Rs 30k-35k/month

As the name suggests, a talent acquisition expert in involved in the full cycle of recruiting talented employees for their organisation.

These HR professionals work specifically on recruiting, interviews and onboarding.

The job begins with identifying job roles to be filled, developing sourcing pools, posting job ads, and reviewing applications and resumes to conducting reference checks and initial phone interviews.

They also recommend top candidates for any role to hiring managers for in-person interviews and make sure the selected candidates have a smooth and successful onboarding process.

Apply to his job here.

6. Work-From-Home Talent Acquisition

Salary: Rs 25k-30k/month

Acquiring talent for work-from-home jobs require a specific perspective.

Talent acquisition consultants need to understand the organisation's needs and make sure the candidates are able to provide them.

At the same time, they need to be able to understand the motivation behind a candidate's requirement to work from home and not out of an office setting.

Most of the time, talent acquisition consultants for work-from-home jobs work remotely themselves, with many organisations opting to hire freelancers or part-time workers.

Apply to this job here.

7. Operations Executive (Employee Background Verification)

Salary: Rs 20k-25k/month

Background verification of candidates is a vital part of any organisation's hiring process.

It helps the organisation understand its potential employees better and also ensures that only genuine candidates are hired for any role.

Studies show that experienced HR operations executives can easily spot candidates who have lied on their resumes. 

If you have the skills and talent required to be able to successfully complete background verifications in favour of an organisation, then this job is perfect for you.

Apply to this job here.

Now that you know all the options for HR jobs out there, what are you waiting for? Sign up to JobsForHer today!

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