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21st March 2018

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Taj Land's End Hotel, Mumbai

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AccelHERate: India’s Biggest B2B Conference for Companies Committed to Increasing Women’s Participation in the Indian Workforce

It's Time To AccelHERate

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Industry averages in India show that companies employ 30% women at entry level but that this tapers off to 10% at management and a measly 1% in the C-suite.

Studies also showcase that diversity leads to India’s GDP rising by 27%, if female participation matched male levels.*

Don't you think it’s time to AccelHERate?

Then join us as we accelerate the Recruitment, Retention, and Promotion of women in the Indian workplace.

Source: Booz & Co., Empowering the Third Billion, 2012

It's Time For Change

JobsForHer presents AccelHERate. Our flagship B2B conference for compaines committed to increasing female participation in their workforce.

Let's begin with

  • Conference JFH
  • Workshops JFH
    Round Tables & Workshops
  • Exhibitor JFH
    Exhibitor Zone
  • Networking JFH
  • Conference Topics

    Combination of TED-style keynote addresses with panel discussions
    • How senior women leaders overcame obstacles in their career paths
    • Why are business leaders focusing on increasing women’s participation
    • What are companies doing to move the diversity needle
    • What can we learn from women achievers in other industries
  • Workshop Topics

    Masterclass by an industry expert
    • Removing barriers in recruitment, retention and promotion of women
    • Developing senior women leadership talent
    • Creating women-friendly workplaces
  • Roundtable Topics

    Discussion by exemplary companies on best practices, to be featured on FB Live
    • Sharing best practices for Returnee Programs
    • Sharing interesting women-specific initiatives

*Please note that the above topics are subject to revisions at the discretion of the organizer

Conference speakers

Pramit Jhaveri JFH
Pramit Jhaveri
CEO of Citi India
Sarika Naik JFH
Sarika Naik
Chief Marketing Officer, Diversity – India, Capgemini
T. K. Srirang JFH
T. K. Srirang
Head, Human Resources of ICICI Bank
Sandeep Kohli JFH
Sandeep Kohli
Partner & Leader India Region – Talent, EY India
Dr. Ranjan Banerjee JFH
Dr. Ranjan Banerjee
Dean, Professor-Marketing SPJIMR
Rohit Sathe JFH
Rohit Sathe
President – Philips Healthcare, Indian Sub-Continent

Roundtable speakers

Shalini Koshy JFH
Shalini Koshy
India Diversity Program Leader, Amazon
Amrita Madiah JFH
Amrita Madiah
Director, Talent Development, Adobe Systems India
Pallavi Jha JFH
Pallavi Jha
Chairperson & Managing Director, Dale Carnegie of India
Manish Sinha JFH
Manish Sinha
Managing Director, Dun and Bradstreet
Ashok Lodha JFH
Ashok Lodha
Director, Global Market, Barclays


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