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There is a growing talent pool of qualified, capable and experienced women who want to prove themselves and rise in their careers.
Connect with women professionals who are looking to upskill and accelerate their career journeys.

Here’s how:

  • Showcase programs you offer that can accelerate a woman’s career
  • Showcase yourself as a women-friendly brand
  • Build a strong leads pipeline for your offerings

Why partner with JobsForHer?

  • Build awareness for your offerings
  • Showcase success stories from current members /alumni
  • Conduct mentorship programs
  • Benefit from curated events
  • Ride the wave of our extensive social media outreach
  • Reach out to companies....

The JobsForHer Advantage

Boost your Visibility
Gain better visibility to a wider audience with our social media promotional activities.
Build your Brand
Showcase your events, blogs, videos, and offerings on a dedicated microsite.
Reach a Unique Audience
Expand your customer base by reaching out to this unique talent pool of restarters.
Capture High-Quality Leads
Enhance traction on your website or capture leads through your listing on the portal.

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