5 Tell-tale Signs that you are Ready to Restart Your Career

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  • 28 Oct 2017


How many times have you gone through that sinking feeling when you have been on a career break longer than you had imagined? How often have you gone to bed thinking about your old work clothes sitting snug in your wardrobe and the project-manager-side of your brain waiting to be put to use again?

Most importantly, how often have you ignored these thoughts and gone about your mundane routine of packing the husband to work, the kids to school, waiting for the maid (who rarely arrives on time), going back-and-forth to the dry cleaners, the bank, the grocery store…?

Truth is you have ignored the most important signs that have been telling you to get back to work!

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Just so you don’t miss them again, here are 5 tell-tale signs that you’re ready to restart your career:

  • You envy every woman dressed to the nines in work-wear.

It’s not easy being on a career break and not thinking about when you will be able to get back to work. But when you find yourself feeling wistful as you watch others go to work, that’s when you know it’s time to break up with your break.

Months before I landed my job after a career break of 4 years, I would simply stand on the balcony gazing at all the women heading off to work at 8 am while I was still in my pajamas and a broom in my hand.

I dismissed it as a fleeting emotion.

But when I found myself scoffing at my friends who whisked their children into the school bus and went away to an air-conditioned office in crisp linens, I knew for sure that I really wanted to get back to work.


  • You no longer want to ask for money.

Four years ago you had it all under control-electricity bills, school transportation fees, the maid, AND your own expenses. NOW however, you look lovingly at a dress or a neckpiece but turn away when you see the price tag because you can no longer indulge in that urge to splurge- a sign that you long for that independence you once had when it came to money matters.

Financial independence is an important factor in deciding whether or not you want to get back to work.

Read the signs.

 Our inspiring restarter stories will help you regain that motivation to restart your career.


  • You spend way too much time on unnecessary "projects".

Yes, you’re an organized person. That’s great.

You keep your home spick-and-span. That’s great, too.

But, when you spend four hours folding the laundry and rearranging it by color AND size, it’s an obvious sign that you’re putting your energy where it’s least required.

You’d be better off organizing a meeting or planning an official event if your core strength lies in focusing on the little details.

  • Your computer has 2,500 browser windows open – ALL of them leading to a job-search page.

It has been a while since you plonked on your bed at 10 pm and went to sleep like a sloth on sleeping pills. You now spend at least two hours applying to jobs on a hundred websites leaving ALL of them open while you try and polish your kids’ shoes, press their uniforms AND make yourself a cup of hot chocolate at 2 am. 

The fact that you’re frantically looking for a job that is even remotely connected to your field of work is proof that you’re absolutely ready to take on the big, bad professional world.

It will take a while, but sure and steady baby steps towards your goal make the journey that much easier.

So, what do you need to do after you've applied for a job? 



  • You no longer enjoy random outings and window shopping with your friends.

Remember the days you complained that you had NO time to spend with friends thanks to a job routine that sucked your life out one painfully long meeting at a time?

Turns out you long to get back to those boring meetings, because now you know you can handle them better and with more confidence.

Remember those insane över-time" hours you clocked to meet deadlines that were given to you at an hours’ notice? You sacrificed all of your ME time, and all those lunch and dinner dates with your girlfriends so your team could achieve newer milestones.

But now, you WANT to go back to those crazy team meetings just so you can apply all the new skills you’ve learned during your career break and be part of greater successes in the workplace.

Here are a few important skills you learn during your career break.

 If you have felt these “career pangs” at some point during your time away from work, then chances are you are raring to restart your journey back to the professional world.

Pay heed to these emotions.

Pay heed to the tell-tale signs.

Sharpen those skills you picked up while playing the roles of wife-daughter-mother-daughter-in-law and put them into practice while you’re looking for a job, writing a resume, attending an interview or networking for a job that you always wanted.


So, what are you waiting for? Get down to work! If you wish to change your career path or hone your existing skills, then SIGN UP NOW for some amazing reskilling courses that we have curated JUST for you, and ROCK your career.

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