How to Build a Powerful Online Identity in 3 Simple Steps

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  • 14 Oct 2017



Write it down. A few hundred times.

KNOWING your worth will help you showcase it to the world more effectively.

That’s precisely what we had in mind when we curated #RestartHer last month - a mega event to help women on a career break eagerly looking forward to restarting their careers connect with tangible ways in which they could begin that journey.

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Geetha Pradeep, who traveled from Kochi to Bengaluru to attend the event says, “The panel discussions taught me some valuable lessons. Vaishali Kasture, MD & India Country Head, Experian, asserted the need to build a personal brand through her Trailblazer session, and Radha Sreeniwas, HR Director, LinkedIn showed us HOW to do it, through her inspiring workshop". 

If you missed Vaishali Kasture in action, you can catch it by clicking RIGHT HERE

Why is personal branding important?

In our hyper-connected world of today, building a sleek yet mind-blowing online persona is just as important as writing a crisp, clear, and powerful CV. 

 At JobsForHer, we provide you the perfect platform to highlight key areas in your profile, so when you sign up with us, you get instant access to over 3,000 companies that are registered on our portal.

Yes! You heard right – 3,000 and growing, which shows that more and more employers are opening up to our idea of bringing an incredible talent pool of women on a break back to work in style!

So, we advise you to spend quality time in uploading a pataka of a profile to give you the edge over a thousand other job-hungry candidates. 


Even with mundane questions, give your answers a snazzy twist.

For instance, compare the following answers to an otherwise routine-looking question:

Q) Reason for Career Break
A) Motherhood


A) To be CEO, COO, CFO and Chief Caregiver in the realm of the home to two irresistibly cute, hyperactive toddlers who demanded more of me than a nanny.

Creative answers speak volumes about your personality and give a potential employer a sneak peek into your life in just one sentence. It might seem tedious, but thankfully, it is not as hard as you imagine.

Follow these 3 simple and extremely effective ways to rock your e-dentity.

1) Use keywords in the first two lines of your profile.

Keywords are words that are most-searched when it comes to the job-hunting process. Include as many important KEYWORDS that fit your profile and persona.

For instance, if you’re looking to work in the PR field, use keywords that sum up your activities, like:

  • media,
  • liaison,
  • events,
  • public relations

Most companies use keyword-search to look for promising candidates in a particular field.  So, inserting keywords in the first two lines makes your profile more visible.


2) Do NOT mix your “Strengths” with your “Skills”

They are NOT interchangeable. Your strengths do not qualify as your skill sets and vice versa. Think about what you want to portray. Use your words intelligently.

For instance, your strength is “Brand Management”, but your skill set will be “media relations and client servicing”.

The idea is to tell companies EXACTLY what you’re looking for through strong, confident words.


3) Avoid repetition. Seriously.

If you’re spending hours creating your online profile, you must already know that NO ONE has the time to read redundant information.

Take your time to write. Highlight special skills instead of copying information from your CV and pasting it into your browser.

For instance, if a potential employer reads, “Excellent time management skills, able to deliver work on time,” they feel confused with the redundancy, and will most certainly bounce out of your profile.  

When you sign up with JobsForHer, you’re stepping into THE place where industry experts, aspiring candidates, AND potential employers converge to make stuff work for them! With such a great pool of resources and connections, a striking job profile can win you real-world industry recognition.

 Provide concise information to build curiosity.  Show them who you REALLY are so when they meet you in person, they are not only happy with your honest portrayal but also thrilled to hire you.

Your online identity must complement your CV, not rewrite it.


Still, need convincing?

As part of RestartHer, LinkedIn’s HR Director Radha Sreeniwas conducted a workshop on how “Building a Personal Brand” will put you on the job-search map, and boy, are we pleased to say that it delivered beyond our expectations.

Missed this inspiring workshop? You can watch it by clicking this picture RIGHT HERE:


In a world that’s driven by technology AND everything in between, you cannot overlook the importance of a strong online presence.  

  • Remember you’re talking to a virtual audience who cannot hear or see you.
  • Make sure that your profile is current, clever, and game-changing for you AND your future employer.
  • Provide relevant videos, certifications, references.
  • Highlight important achievements.
  • Highlight your presence in relevant social media platforms

How you create your e-dentity depends on HOW you portray yourself to a virtual audience.

So, what are you waiting for? You're just one step away from renewing your confidence and being job-ready! 
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