There is a Tribe of Women that’s Bringing Every Indian Woman Back to Work

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  • 08 Mar 2017


Women are women’s worst enemies, they say.  Women are the ones who pull each other down.  Behind every successful woman, is a jealous spiteful woman.

Not. Any. More. The tribe of women at JobsForHer is here to prove otherwise.

Founded by a woman and comprising of a predominantly woman team, this company is committed to being the wind beneath the wings of other women.

Here are the stories of some of these women, who are determined to overcome any obstacle, fight with their destinies, and prove to the world that they still have it in them.

Neha Bagaria

3.6-year career break | CEO & Founder - JobsForHer | Potential-spotter in every career-break woman, Passionista with perseverance

Gayatri Balaganeshan

2-year career break | Client Servicing | Time Stopper, Game Changer

Pankaja B S

6-month break | Web Administrator | Gritty, Proficient, Go-to-Girl

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Pritha Nagpal

1-year break | Business Development | Can sell ice to an Eskimo, Feisty Firecracker

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Schonali Rebello

Multiple career breaks for relocation; 1 for baby (2 years) | Creative Content | Full-time writer, full-time feminist

Shuba Shaktivelu

3-year career break | Client Servicing | Confident Restarter, Determined to Stay

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Harsha Bhandiwad

6-year career break | Research Executive | Truth Seeker, 4am-Riser

Rupa C.T.

1-year career break | Quality Engineer | Tech Wonderwoman, Quick Gun Murugan student

Priya Torke

1st break (new mum) - 11 months, 2nd break (motherhood) - 6 months, 3rd break (sabbatical) - 2 months, 4th break (relocation) - 6 months | HR & Admin | Patient saint, Sunshine dispenser

Kaajal Ahuja

11-year career break | Content Creator | Full-time Nice Person, Part-time Bad Ass

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Priyanka Bopanna

2 years & 5 months career break | Content Creator | Nonconformist Feminist 

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Kajal Manwani

In House Baby | Content Writer | Rookie Super Hero

Ankita Ghorpade

6-month break | Social Media | Challenge-trumper, eternal student

Sanghita Banerjee

6-year career break | Business Development | Mind Over Matter mantra keeper

Jyoti Gurung

1-year career break | Sales | Untiring Mother of a Toddler

Bharathi Felix

1st break: 3 years (first baby), 2nd break: 2 & a half years (second baby), 3rd break: 1 year (daughter’s education) | Accounts | Responsibility is my middle name, Cool Cat

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Priya Desai

5-month career break | B2B Content Writer | Research & writing beast, multitasking goddess

Khushaali Dabholkar

Multiple career breaks | Ambassador Network | Passion & potential rolled into one

Jeena Viju

2-year career break | Graphic Designer | Impossible is nothing

Sapna Bakshi

Multiple breaks, last one for 3 years | Customer Support | Rubberband attitude to life, human connect magnet

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Vinutha Menon

11-year career break | PR | Renewed identity & a zest for life

Priyanka Zutshi

9-month career break | Alliances & Partnerships | Mighty Matchmaker

Ujwala Thirumurthy

4-year career break, 3-year freelancer | Creative Content Writer | Under pressure thriver, Silver lining finder

Richa Sinha 

3.5-year career break | Customer Support | Quick adapter,  better under pressure

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10-month career break | Mentor Coordinator | Risk-taker

We know that every woman who has taken a break in India did it because she had to, because nobody else in her family could or would, did it because she put others’ needs before hers. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. And we’ve all returned.

You can too.

We’re here to catch you when you fall, like we did for each other and continue to do every single day. We’re here to tell you that you’re wanted, you’re needed, and you’re still RELEVANT to the working world outside your doors.

Take a leap of faith with JobsForHer.

Girl, we got you.


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"Be fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded."- Hillary Clinton

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