How to Recognize the Best Companies to Work in India

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  • 26 Nov 2018

Of late, women have been dominating the job market, competing for the top jobs in any company. Enjoying such significant positions in the workforce, women have started to realize their own potential. In such scenarios, there is a growing sensitivity among companies towards its female employees. Organizations have started undertaking various initiatives to make the environment more friendly and comfortable for female employees. But, it is still a work-in-progress.

Here, we have compiled a list of initiatives that companies could take in order to become one of the best companies to work in India or make themselves the best work culture companies in India.

How Can Organizations Become the Best Work Culture Companies in India?

  • Basic Hygiene Facilities

Hygiene is one of the underrated but important basic facilities that any company could provide to its employees. Providing basic sanitation facilities could go a long way into making a better work environment. Steps towards this also include installing sanitary pad vending machines in the washrooms. This would reduce the difficulties of female employees while increasing their efficiency and making them feel valued. Such initiatives would make companies the best work culture companies in India.

  • Menstrual Leaves

The concept of menstrual pain requires increased awareness and understanding. It would make it much easier for women employees to give their best to the company and feel valued. Small incentives in the nature of menstrual leaves or work from home facilities would promote women empowerment. Moreover, such initiatives would promote a sense of belonging among female employees. And these things are what make organizations the best companies to work in India.

  • Pick-up and Drop Facilities

Globalization, competition, and shrinking timelines have resulted in longer and odder working hours. Women have to work at odd hours for finishing targets and meeting deadlines. Therefore, women safety is becoming a growing concern. Providing free pick-up and drop facilities by company vehicles can go a long way in making women employees feel safer. Such commutation facilities would give the female employees a sense of safety, and their families, a sense of relief. It can make women feel that they work in one of the best work culture companies in India.

  • Career Restart Programmes

Social and societal responsibilities often force women to take a career break. Eventually, they may find it difficult to re-enter the job scene. Therefore, many companies run career re-starter programs. For example, "Back In The Game (BIG)” is an initiative by Philips India. It is aimed at providing a platform through which women professionals can re-enter the corporate world after a break. These initiatives promote a sense of belonging in the employees. Hence, quite understandably, Philips is considered one of the best companies to work in India.

  • Facilities for Pregnant Women

For companies to be the best companies to work in India, they should offer resting rooms with couches and chairs making it comfortable for pregnant women to work or take breaks in. Reserved parking to pregnant women should be given. In growing and changing dynamics of the corporate world where emotion and sensitivity are given more importance than ever, such facilities would go a long way to make women feel valued and make the company a nurturing ground and help it be a part of the list of the best work culture companies in India.

  • Maternity Leaves

India passed The Maternity Leave Amendment Act in April 2017 increasing the duration of paid maternity leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. The Act also made provisions for companies to provide daycare facilities. However, many companies have been granting maternity leaves even before the law made it compulsory. It has been rightly said, the best companies are always proactive rather than reactive and such companies make you feel content and satisfied to work for them. It is also why these companies earn the ranking of being the best work culture companies in India.

  • Women Grievance Department

It is absolutely essential for women to feel safe in making any complaints regarding any harassment whether sexual, mental or physical. Many large-scale companies in India provide their employees training on prevention of sexual harassment. Many companies are also known to conduct self-defense workshops for their female employees. Such opportunities at work illustrate the best companies to work in India for women.

  • Daycare Facilities

Companies like Accenture and IBM are leading by example tying up with recognized daycare centers. They are providing employees with substantial discounts on the same leading to increased productivity of women. Such schemes result in an increase in productivity and motivation and help the company retain its employees making these companies the best companies to work in India.

  • Equal Pay

Reducing the pay gap between men and women for similar work is one of the leading traits of the best companies to work in India. Flipkart is one of the few companies where the gender pay gap is absent. Flipkart has emerged as being a company encouraging talent irrespective of gender. Flipkart also conducts special drives for recruiting women. These are the reasons why Flipkart is one of the top best work culture companies in India.

  • Inclusivity & Diversity

Companies should conduct workshops and seminars helping women transition into a new workplace smoothly. Moreover, companies should formulate effective strategies focusing on hiring, retention & development of women. Such strategies are instrumental in making organizations the best companies to work in India.

  • Therapy & Yoga

Health has been recognized by companies all over the world as an important factor by which it can show care for its employees. Today, in an environment of long working hours and high pressure, yoga classes and an in-house therapist would help employees relieve their stress and promote an open and honest work environment.

The best work culture companies in India don't just care about their profitability and reputation. They also show concern towards their employees’ well-being. Companies have started gifting wellness packages and increased insurance facilities. Nowadays, companies are also undertaking steps like off-days on Saturdays and no work communication after working hours. This is to promote work-life balance so as to become the best work culture companies in India.

India as a country has been a land of powerful women from Sita to Indira Gandhi. In today’s world, women like Shikha Sharma, Chanda Kocchar, Indra Nooyi, Ekta Kapoor, and many others have broken the glass ceiling without much support. We need to change our workspace to be more inclusive and sensitive to the needs of women employees. Just imagine what women would be able to achieve with support and initiatives to drive and develop their career. Such small changes in the work environment and work cultures will make our companies the best companies to work in India while providing being the best work culture companies in India and drive the nation and its women towards becoming a global superpower.

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