3-and-a-Half Things to Give Up if You're Hoping to Restart your Career

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  • 05 Nov 2018


I know what you’re thinking. But, wait.

This blog is NOT just another piece of career advice.

This blog is NOT going to give you tips on work-life stability.

This blog is going to tell you the TRUTH – the truth that you already know but are afraid to face.

This blog is all about letting go, and the wonders it can do to improve your confidence and attitude, and re-ignite that spark, which will ultimately get you to your goal.


If you’re on a career break and are eagerly looking forward to restarting your journey, then it’s time you gave up these 3 significant things which, otherwise, have the power to break you down, one dream at a time.


1) GIVE UP others’ opinion of your career break.

Do you find yourself constantly in pendulum mode, swinging from what you NEED to do versus what you MUST do? It’s probably because you’re drowning in unwarranted opinions of your career break, and you simply cannot resurface.

 Well, give it up and let them go.

 Forget about their opinions. Forget about their measures of success.

It took me roughly 10 years to understand that success isn’t directly proportionate to the money I earned, or the career that I chose to follow, or the number of years that I took a break from a full-time job.

Remember, THEY don’t live your life. So, they don’t get to decide for YOU.

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2) GIVE UP worrying about judgements that strip you of your confidence.

My first job was as a reporter/sub-editor at a well-known newspaper, way back in 2004. Today, 13 years later, people still ask me, “So, still doing the writing thing”?

I used to be bothered by it, but now I proudly say “YES”! 

See, all of us at some point encounter this question. Whether you are an artist, a poet, a dancer, a chef…the fear of being judged never seems to leave you. 

The fact that you’ve not chosen to be an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer doesn’t mean you don’t take your career seriously.

Well, give it up, and let them go.

Follow your passion. Turn it into a profession, if you will. There’s no limit on what you can do! 

All you need to tell yourself is this: “I am what I’ve always wanted to be”. It’s the sign of an unbreakable spirit.  

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3) GIVE UP what you were in the past

In the truest sense of the word, if you can simply let go of the older you, I can assure you that Version 2.0 will be so much more amazing. 

Fight the inner demon that keeps telling you you're not good enough. So what if you failed in the past? Don’t let a bad experience ruin your future. You’ve grown since your last job; you’ve acquired different skill sets, and a change in attitude. Don’t be afraid to show it. A career break can teach you wonderful life lessons that are bound to change your perspectives on several things. 

Give up second-guessing yourself, and you'll find that a whole new world of oppportunities lie waiting.

Give up self- doubt. You’re better than that. 

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There you have it. Three simple but important things to give up…

…now, wait a minute. I said 3-and-a-half, didn’t I?

 Let me explain. 

“Oh, I guess things will work themselves out”.

“I’m not sure if I can leave my baby and go to work”

“I never have the time”!  

 Sound familiar?

 Well, things will NOT work themselves out. You know that. We all know that.

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3.5) Give up on the lazy YOU!.

 If you want something, you have to go after it. That’s the rule.

But sometimes you get too comfortable in what you are doing, and therefore lack the motivation to push you forward.

 Time to GIVE UP that laid-back half that has settled quietly in its shell, not wanting to risk anything for fear of the unknown.

Time to give up on the timid, nervous half that is content with what is, not wanting to explore.

 GIVE it UP.

Stop making excuses, because deep down you know that the other half is rearing to chase that dream, to do what it takes to achieve those goals.

You have to give up certain things in order to gain what you truly want.

 And once you’ve done that, your drive to make your career restart happen will be that much stronger and focused. No amount of negativity will bother you, and self-doubt will never be an issue.

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