The ONE Thing that Would Help Escalate a Woman's Career

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  • 20 May 2016

JobsForHer partnered with TWAM Global Advisors - an end-to-end HR services company - recently, in a workshop for career restarter women, which they hosted and facilitated, featuring an all-star corporate panel of industry honchos.

It was an informational and prescient event with two women on the panel who had restarted their own careers after personal sabbaticals to take care of family and home, and both had come back better, brighter, faster, and more successful than before!

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We spoke to 3 of the panelists about the one thing that they felt companies CAN and SHOULD introduce to help women escalate their careers.

Here is what they said:

Ms. Sandhya Giridhar - Head, ECommerce Practice, QwikCilver Solutions (also a restarter!)

[embed][/embed] Mr. Tarun Nallu - Founding Partner & MD, FMXC Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd. [embed][/embed] Ms. Madhumita Venkataraman - Associate Director, HR, Snapdeal APPLY TO JOBS at Snapdeal [embed][/embed]

India is hot on the heels of a glocal gender revolution that is transforming the workplace and JobsForHer is rather chuffed to be in the eye of this storm!

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