Calling Women on a Break to (Re)Build their Legacies with EY India!

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Companies that thrive on diversity at a grassroots level in their organizations are companies that we LOVE to work with in bringing women back to work.

What we love most is that they credit this diversity with their ahead-of-the-game success. They prove our point for us – that gender-diverse teams make everything better at work, including the bottom-line.

This is EY India and this is why they are hiring women on a career break, through JobsForHer...

Diverse teams are proven to stimulate innovation and new ways of problem-solving. But they need an inclusive culture to help them function at their best.

INCLUSIVENESS is all about making the diverse mix work.

It’s about equity and opportunity – making sure that differences are celebrated so that talented people from any background can rise to the top, and ensuring that opportunities to develop and advance are available for all, from day one. Making sure that all people’s voices are heard and valued not only helps attract and retain the best people, but it also helps get better answers for clients and an organization.

In India, EY is among the leading providers of advisory, tax, transactions, and assurance services. The organization is also the number one professional services brand* in India, which is a testimony to their relentless commitment to deliver exceptional client service.

They operate as a network of member firms in individual countries, with 231,000 employees in over 700 offices around 150 countries in the world, and are one of the "Big Four" accounting firms.

(*as per Global Brand Survey, conducted by an independent research agency commissioned by EY.)

EY India Culture

EY India’s teams are inclusive and they encourage you to express opinions.

It’s only by respecting the contributions of colleagues that we’re able to learn and grow as an organization.

They want to create a workplace that encourages collaboration and flexibility – somewhere where the talented people who form their borderless teams can truly excel.

To this end they focus on:

  • Attracting talented people
  • Creating an inclusive environment
  • Offering great development opportunities
  • Providing lifelong experience


Maternity Leave at EY India

It is a constant endeavour to support women at EY in various phases of their life, especially during maternity, and to enable them through that transition.

The MomEY range of initiatives creates a strong support system for working mothers at EY. Their intervention in providing transition support to mothers returning to work after maternity not only enhances job satisfaction, but also supports women at EY India in balancing their personal/work-life integration, needs, and preferences.

One such initiative under MomEY guarantees a job for working mothers who take a career break for maternity or childcare within 5 years of leaving the company, without any formal interview process.

Another intervention - Maternity Coaching and Transition Support Program – allows women to enjoy a smooth transition back to their work-lives from maternity and other career breaks.

Paternity Leave at EY India

To provide time to fathers to welcome their young ones, EY India extends paternity leave to all their employees.

Childcare Facilities at EY India

The on-site free-of-cost daycare facility allows working parents to bring their newborns and attendants to work.

Sexual Harassment Policy at EY India

At EY, every employee respects their commitment to diversity; the need to take responsibility for their conduct and treat everyone respectfully and professionally in the workplace; their assurance of equal employment opportunity; and their prohibition of racial and sexual harassment. They have a structured POSH framework and have also formed core committees that deal with complaints through a prompt, and thorough investigation.

Flexi Time at EY India

At EY, flexibility is about working smarter. It helps employees meet their personal and professional goals and allows everyone to maximize contributions to their teams and deliver exceptional client service.

Challenging assumptions about where, when and how work gets done, while maintaining a clear focus on the results they want to achieve together, is one of the ways they can be agile and responsive to the diverse needs of their people, their teams, and their clients.

In addition to their inclusive and flexible culture, they provide employees with the resources and technology to make flexibility work.

Diversity Initiatives at EY India

‘My Life’, their flexible working program enables employees to succeed at work while fulfilling their personal goals.

They are conscious towards the needs of their talent – whether it’s a new mother opting for telecommuting or someone looking for flexi-work to pursue her interests, they have created solutions that suit everyone’s needs.

Women at EY are provided with opportunities to network with senior leaders, learn from role models, attend professional conferences and forums, and meet with important clients through EY Women’s India Network (EYWIN). Theatre-style gender-sensitization sessions aim to ensure a bias-free environment by helping managers deal with unconscious biases.

As the company grows, they want more and more women to be part of EY’s growth story.

In this pursuit, they launched recruitHER, an intervention which brings in a 360-degree focus when hiring women. They are re-connecting with their women alumni and women on career break, through ‘Once in EY, always with EY’ initiative to return to work.

Their targeted programs to build a gender-balanced leadership pipeline include:

  • Career Watch – a sponsorship programme, and
  • Future Leader in You – FLY – women leadership development program

If all these reasons aren’t reason enough to APPLY TODAY to job-roles within this path-breaking company, then we don’t know what is.

Are you ready to restart?


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