7 Life Lessons From a Mother to Her Daughter

  • Sharvari Punekar
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  • 18 Nov 2017


My dear daughter, 

The day you were born was special for me and your dad, for we were blessed by the heavens above with this little bundle of joy whom we had yearned for. We will endlessly and selflessly continue to love you and cherish every moment we spend with you. As parents, we will support you, protect you, and reinforce your confidence when you feel low. We will always strive to give you the perfect life.

Today, however, I wish to share with you something that has been in my heart, something I would like to share with you purely as a woman. These are the golden rules, which I believe can give every woman a fulfilling life.

1)  Always stand up for what you want.

Never hesitate to make a choice, even if it is an unusual one. Be sure of your opinion, your choice. Learn to take responsibility for your mistakes, because you are your best teacher. Never hesitate to stand up for that one true friend in his/her hour of need.

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2) Having said that, do not be afraid of a compromise. 

Only if it is your choice. Making an adjustment or compromising is not being weak. At times you may even want to make a compromise, just because it makes you happy.

3) Make a career for yourself, follow your passion, dedicate yourself to your hobby.

I know you love handbags, perfumes, makeup kits, just as any other girl does. No harm, of course. But beauty without brains is a sheer waste. Let people follow your capabilities and admire your virtues, not just your style.

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4) Never compromise your self-esteem, your dignity, your self-respect.

Never let anyone tell you to make a choice only based on your gender. Girls have the right to choose just as boys do. We, as parents, would never tell you to compromise just because you are a woman. However, when you will step out from our cocoon and face the real world, you may meet people who try to put you down on the basis of your gender. Show them their correct place.

5) Never let any boy misbehave with you.

Set your boundaries, and never let him cross the line. In case his mother forgot to teach him how he must behave with girls, you do it. Boys can get unruly and unreasonable. Show them their place, in the right way.

 6) Learn to cook.

Not because you are a woman or because women are supposed to, but to simply be able to feed yourself. It is a basic survival requirement.

7) Love and respect the people around you.

Your parents, family, friends, and colleagues. You gain respect only when you give respect. Above all, never forget to love and respect yourself. You are certainly worth it.

With warmth and love,

Your mother, your friend, a woman.  

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Sharvari Punekar is a free thinker.

She believes in the strength of a woman, that it is imperative to let her explore her world and most importantly let her make choices.

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