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Looking for flexible working hours?
Find information on part-time jobs from home, work-from-home jobs for women, freelance jobs and many such job opportunities on this group of women.
Exchange knowledge about opportunities, work-life challenges and everything that matters in your career path, with each other. Become each other’s allies in your professional lives because nothing is more powerful than the power of the collective!

Why join:

In an effort to achieve the elusive work-life balance, women are increasingly looking for flexible work options, be it with part-time jobs or work-from-home opportunities. Whether for marriage, motherhood or elderly care, women often get off the career ramp for these events.

And when they wish to come back, they prefer easing back in with flexible work hours.


  • If you’re a newbie, watch and learn the tricks of the trade!
  • If you’re a restarter, pick up the pieces where you last left off and make up for time away
  • If you’re a working woman, who wishes to rise through the ranks, share your learnings, while you keep adding to them through the others!

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