What Can This Woman and Her Organization Tell You About a Second Career in Technology?

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"Never during my break did I say NO to getting back to work. I was already passionate about my line of work I as it is technically challenging, interesting, and energizing. And now, I love that I get to learn something new every day."

ThoughtWorks India is a place that Women in Technology should return to work with. Know Why? 

Because over the years, the company has recognized certain aspects of the work environment that go a long way in encouraging women to continue being a part of the IT community. These include everything from giving women unbiased opportunities to learn and grow, to crafting adequate support systems at work, to helping women integrate their work and personal life seamlessly. 

And Vidya Nethi - Application Developer at ThoughtWorks, couldn’t agree more. Here’s why she chose to come back to work with them, and doesn’t imagine herself anywhere but here, learning and growing in the environment of this woman-friendly organization. 


Hi Vidya, tell us why you took a break in your career and for how long 

I took a break as a continuation of my maternity leave, and that went on to become 6 years. I did this to take care of my child and my family.

What challenges did you face in restarting your career and how did restarting your career affect you and those around you? 

My child was the one who had given me utmost support when I restarted my career. Although he’d gotten used to having me around those 6 years, and was initially not willing to go to daycare, in time he adapted himself and became comfortable with the concept. Now, he’s there for almost 7 hours a day. 

It was not easy to resume work after a shut down as long as 6 years. Technology has drastically changed. Every technical term I heard from the team was new to me, because of which I could not participate in any of the tech discussions. So now, I note down all the new terms and read about them whenever I get time outside my household chores.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were younger?  

If only I’d kept in mind that the technology landscape changes drastically every so often, I would have mentally prepared for it or who knows, I may even have taken a different decision or another occupation altogether while opting for a break.

What is the key to a successful career as a woman?

I believe success comes with self-confidence, determination, patience, and passion towards the work chosen.

Is there anything your parents did for you that many parents don’t do that had a lasting impact?

My parents always supported me to grow as a technologist by allowing me the freedom to choose my stream of education, my line of interest, and my career path without enforcing their own interests.

What are the family-friendly policies at your company that help you strike a work-life balance?

My company considers every individual's constraints and skill sets while assigning a project to them which is good for both, the organization and the individual, for a productive outcome. On days that are tough, I can bring my child to the office and he can comfortably be around while I'm working.  

What would you say to the women reading this?

I would advise anyone contemplating a return to think about it in these ways:

  • When it feels 80% right, just go for it. 
  • Acknowledge and articulate your new skills.
  • Never ever lose confidence, even though everything looks new. Remember, you have already done wonders at the job before the break. You may also have gained multiple new skills during the break. It's just another new technology that you are capable enough to learn. 
  • On the job, try to figure out a right mentor, preferably a senior professional who can practically help and advice you at the right time and give honest feedback. 
  • Never hesitate to ask questions. It’s always good to gain clarity before you begin work on anything. 


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