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  • 01 Jul 2019

About Training

The Training industry in India and across the globe has gone through a sea of change since the past decade. Gone are the days when the HR head would inform functional heads through email about their Training plans be it leadership ,sales , team building , stress management  skillstraining etc,  happening in different cities in India , and to make elaborate travel plans so that all employees can reach the Training venues ontime ! The days of criss crossing across the country to attend Training programs is certainly over , as well as letting the HR department or Training manager prepare all the Training plans for you . One of the biggest beneficiaries of the digital world today is Training . The size of the Training and Development market across the globe is in excess of 300 billion dollars per annum , and growing at the rate of over 20 % per annum ! As per the Training and Development experts the chunk of the overall global sales is consumed by USA , Canada , Australia , Western Europe , and immediately after this group comes India . Almost all the big Training and Development companies across the globe have their presence in India today .

Scope for Trainers


Business skills and soft skills Training has gained great momentum in India , since the past decade  and will continue to  grow in a BIG way in the years to come . Today there are huge career opportunities for business skills and soft skills Trainers as Corporate Trainers , Coaches , motivational speakers , entrepreneurs , Training managers , consultants , training start ups , e-learning experts , freelance Trainers , etc . Trainers are required across all industries and is just not restricted to the service industry alone .In the Training and Development industry gender specifications are equally distributed . There are as many as female Trainers in the market at any given time , as much as there are male Trainers . Training and Development as a career is not restricted only to the A list cities in India as in Bengaluru , Hyderabad , Chennai , Mumbai , Delhi NCR etc , but in tier 2 and 3 cities as well .

Online Training

Today with the advent of online training and excellent virtual training platforms like Adobe, Zoom , Wiziq , Skype etc Trainers can conduct training in any part of India as well as globally and have a greater access to a huge audience as well .The bigger the number of learners / students / delegates / trainees / customers the higher the income a Trainer or Training organization can earn .

The flexibility and benefits of virtual training and online training (e-learnnig) is there for the whole world to see . With e-learnnig today and the sophisticated LMS’s that are available in the market now ,all Trainings to the employees as well as individuals are totally self managed . Every learning activity is tracked by the LMS and the feedback of the same goes to the HR department as well as line manager on a regular basis . (India’s first B2C online training platform)

Similarly those interested individuals in online training and certifications have got great access to online marketplaces , as well as great B2C e-learning platforms like ,that have more than 125 business skills and soft skills e-learning courses that can greatly help all those pursuing a career in Training and Development both offline , online , blended etc . also offers 20 weeks of Train the Trainer email tutorials from one of the best Training organisations in the UK . After completing the 20 weeks of email Train the Trainer tutorials anyone can embark on their journey as a great Corporate Trainer and build a career in Training .This together with’s 125 plus e-learning courses makes a great combination to embark on your exciting and rewarding Corporate Training journey for a very small price .

Many training platforms

Today’s training methods include ILT (instructor led trainings which is the traditional classroom method) , e-learning , virtual classrooms , blended training , game based training , video based trainings , microlearning , byte sized training , mobile learning etc . Ten years ago all this was not available . Hence with ALL these training methods available today, TRAINING AS A CAREER is certainly a smart choice .

Why Training as a Career ?


  • It’s a 300 billion dollars industry across the world . India is certainly one of the biggest Training destinations and the scope is very good .
  • Training methods are just not classroom based but are e-learning , virtual classroom training , blended training , video based training , coaching , virtual coaching , webinars , podcasts etcso the choice is very wide for the Trainer.
  • One can be a Training manager or consultant in small , medium and large sized organisations after completing any good quality Train the Trainer courses and getting certified accordingly . Designing training sessions over a period of 1-5 days becomes very easy with ready to use online Training programs like
  • One can set up their own Training business with minimum infrastructure and capital and keep building on it step by step . Advertising a Training company, Trainer or consultant is easy through social media such as Whatsapp, FB , LinkedIn , Instagram etcand costs are low.
  • Just as hard skills and technical skills are most in demand during recruitments and appraisals of employees , soft skills and business skills today has been given equal importance as hard skills for employee performance .
  • Trainers and training companies can have a big reach across India as well as overseas through e-learning and virtual classrooms . The burden of travelling from city to city to conduct Trainings is totally reduced nowadays .
  • Trainers , consultants , coaches , mentors , motivational speakers etc can charge between Rs 25k to Rs 70k per day for their services in the ILT classroom method or even through the virtual classroom training method.
  • The Training industry in India and across the globe is growing at a fast pace and is forecasted to do very well in the future years too.
  • Training is a lifelong skill and has no retirement age or age bar , nor is gender biased .

Tranforming lives

A Trainer transforms lives . Training transforms lives . You will not know how many lives you have transformed through Training till you get feedback from your students / learners / trainees etc .Becoming a Trainer will not only make you embark on an exciting career path that is in much demand today , but you will also master great skills such as being assertive and self confident , great public speaking skills , presentation skills , facilitation skills ,goal setting skills , selling skills , negotiation skills and many more other relevant soft skills required in today’s business world .

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