The Confidence Gap... 3 Women Try to Explain Why

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  • 04 Nov 2015

As we observed yesterday, women, the world over, are handicapped by a systemic lack of confidence, no matter how well-qualified, educated, skilled, or talented we are in any field. This is a phenomenon that social scientists have been studying for the last few years in great depth and trying to tackle at all levels – in young girls, teenagers, college students, workplace entrants, and even highly successful women in the workplace, who don’t really believe that they got where they did due to their natural abilities or that their promotions were completely earned. This is not just worrying; it is downright alarming.

Here are 3 women sitting around a table, having a chat about why men seem to naturally have more confidence, why they think women don't naturally have that much confidence, and what we can learn from the two phenomenons.

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We want to thank The Atlantic for first sharing this video, here.

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