Spotlight on Career Prospects for Women in Cybersecurity

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  • 05 Apr 2019

According to research conducted last year, out of all the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, India faces the most risks in cybersecurity. Add to this the significant shortage of skilled personnel in this field. With the incidents of cybercrime increasing, the employment opportunities in the cybersecurity field are only going to increase. So, to fill this gap of shortage of labour, there has to be an entry of more women in cybersecurity. However, we are painfully aware of the fact that there is a very less percentage of women representing the workforce in this field. Nowadays, many courses are available aiming at encouraging women to get into this industry. In spite of this, the number still has scope for tremendous improvement.

Why Are There Not Many Women in Cybersecurity?

Pop culture and media interpretations have created a specific image when it comes to cybersecurity professionals. You don't see many women portraying the roles of ethical hackers or security experts. Most of the time, there'll be a guy sitting in a dimly-lit room, working away on his computer. This may not be the primary reason why there are fewer women in cybersecurity. Nevertheless, it doesn't give a very appealing image to the job which makes us wonder about this being one of the causes.

Apart from this, a job in the cybersecurity field may sometimes require working at odd hours, or working overtime. There is a general misconception (which has been prevailing since decades) that such job roles are unsuitable for women. Today, in the 21st century, there is hardly any task that a woman cannot perform. But, this false belief further discourages women, and/or their guardians from allowing them to take jobs in the field of cybersecurity. Fortunately, people are now opening up and shunning such orthodox views. This makes us hope that in the near future, there would be a noteworthy number of women in cybersecurity.

All things considered, there is a vast scope for career development in the field of cybersecurity. The government is also trying to introduce various educational programs in order to supply skilled labour for this industry.


Why Cybersecurity Is a Great Field to Work In?

Job Security

We already mentioned how the demand for jobs in this sector is going to increase. Therefore, it is natural that you will have a secure future in this field provided you bring the necessary skills to the table.

Lucrative Pay

Again, as the demand is higher than the supply, cybersecurity professionals will enjoy a very desirable pay package. However, it is not only due to this that the cybersecurity sector offers good money. The skills and dedication required to work in this field deserve a rewarding payment slab.

Growth and Innovation

The cybersecurity domain is surrounded by technology that will keep changing. And, as an employee of this field, you will have to keep yourself updated with these changes. This means that there will always be opportunities for learning and surpassing yourself and climbing up the ladder.

Besides these primary ones, there are a couple of other reasons why the field of cybersecurity is a good choice for women. More number of female employees in this field will help shatter stereotypes and open doors for more opportunities for them.

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