Sample Cover Letter for Tech

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  • 23 Apr 2019

A good cover letter is to a resume like good pakoda is to a rainy day!

Your cover letter is as important as your resume. Hence, when you send both the documents together, you give the Hiring Manager a good impression about yourself.

Writing a cover letter is easy, but writing a good cover letter takes some work. In your cover letter, you should highlight your biggest achievements and what you can contribute to the company. Also, mention the skills that are aligned to the job description. And don’t just leave it at your technical skills; mention the soft skills that you picked up over the years or on your career break.

Since this is the first contact you make with your prospective employer, make sure that you have their attention in the first paragraph itself. Keep this in mind: the first paragraph should compel the hiring manager to read your cover letter completely.

Refer to our sample cover letter below, and go ahead and write yours.

But before that, have you sent us your resume? Send it to us soon HERE:

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