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  • 31 May 2018

There have been many changes in the job industry in the 21st century. These changes have created the workforce and careers that we see today. The number of jobs for women has increased. The areas of work creating jobs for women at home are also expanding. In the last three decades, women have come up as worthy competitors. They are climbing up the corporate ladder, working to change the stereotypical concept of 'jobs for women'.

What Does 'Jobs For Women' Mean?

Some people feel that there is the only certain type of jobs that women can do. For example, around 50 years ago, there were almost no jobs for females in the fields of medicine, technology, and engineering. At that time, the main jobs for women were clerical jobs, receptionists, house helps, hairdressers, or teaching jobs.

Entering other areas of work was quite difficult for women. Even if they took on jobs that were only held by males, it did not always go easy for them. This was because most organizations had a majority of male workers, giving men the power and control over decisions. This negatively affected the position of the women in the organization.

Benefits Of Creating Jobs For Females

Fortunately, the situation has changed now. Time and again, women have proven their worth (with their work, of course) and challenged this old-fashioned opinion.

People have started recognizing the achievements of women in the workplace. Women today are coping head-to-head with the dynamics of the work industry. They have placed themselves in a variety of jobs at respectable posts.

Some surveys have shown that in certain organizations, the female employees have contributed more to the overall output than the male employees. Statistics prove that women can learn better, can communicate better, and are more engaged in their jobs when required.

High-Paying Jobs For Women

However, even after breaking all traditional barriers, women still have to deal with another big problem - gender pay gap. Gender pay gap is a concerning issue today. Many women are paid lesser than the males.

Nonetheless, women have progressed in education. They have also started participating more in the workforce than in the past. Because of this, the pay gap has been reduced. But, the problem has still not gone away.

Still, there are certain careers where women can rake in higher salaries:

  • Law
  • Management
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology

These industries have a high involvement of female employees. Women seem to have the natural ability to perform well while nursing, or managing and supervising projects. Women are creative thinkers. They are flexible. Moreover, women have the ability to manipulate things to get work done smoothly.

Jobs For Women At Home

The corporate setting is no longer compulsory for women to work full time. Nowadays, women have numerous opportunities to become self-employed. Women at home can become bloggers, fashion designers, translators, etc. and also have sufficient flexibility to manage their household duties.

Job Opportunities For Women In Male-Dominated Jobs

Women are now pursuing non-traditional and diverse career options. They are carving a niche for themselves in jobs such as:

  • Architects,
  • Hardware engineers,
  • Constructors,
  • Civil engineers,
  • Defense,

and the list can go on.

A non-traditional occupation, meant here for women, is one in which women comprise 25 percent or less of total employment. Women are making a commendable effort to remove the label of any job being non-traditional for any gender. They are entering new industries and are helping in balancing the gender ratio.

To sum up, the economy of a country should generate more jobs for females. These jobs for females will help women contribute better. Only then can we guarantee a country's progress. The expertise and capabilities of the female workforce are very important to shape the modern job industry.

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