JFH Yes & Know: A Foodies Guide to the Search for Jobs

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  • 08 Jul 2016


There are no free lunches in life, or at work. If women have elected to step away from their careers, why should their way back be uncomplicated and prejudice-free? In a competitive work environment that values unbroken longevity, there is no room for job seekers who look to rejoin work after a break...


Wrong! You couldn't be further from the truth. 

This is not about free lunches. This is about recognising that the menu shouldn't be restricted to one type of meal.

Some people work better on dal-chawal and others prefer rotis. You eat what's best for you. Not only does this add variety to the menu, but it also demands a certain QUALITY of food served. 

When did it become alright for you to be PUNISHED for taking a BREAK from work?

You made the choice to prioritise something else at that point in your life. Well done!

You owe it to yourself to own your choices; what you don't owe anyone is an apology. Would you be sorry about preferring Schezwan noodles to garlic fried rice??

You have the right to eat what appeals to your palate. You have the right to design a career in sync with your taste.

And if there is just the one dish on the menu, you cannot be forced to eat it and pretend that that's the way life is. 

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