How to NOT Lose Productivity When You're Working from Home

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  • 30 Nov 2018

Many times, employers of work from home jobs complain of decreased productivity. This should not be taken lightly, as lately more and more people prefer work from home jobs. This article will discuss the most effective ways to stay productive at work from home jobs. These tips are simple and easy to follow. However, they do require a little bit of perseverance at the beginning.

Use Music as a Stimulant

Studies have shown that soft music, preferably instrumental, aids in calming our mind so we can focus on the work at hand. You can find instrumental versions of your favourite songs on the internet to make the process more enjoyable. You can create a playlist of your favourite instrumental tracks, and keep it running at a low, but audible volume, in the back.

Wear Clothes That Don't Make You Feel Lethargic

One of the main perks of work from home jobs is the realization of not having to wear office formals all through the day. For most people, it's a great feeling of wearing home-casuals while working. Although these clothes provide the utmost comfort, they also make one feel a little sluggish. To be specific, you don't have to be fully dressed while working from home. Nevertheless, a semi-formal attire would better put you into the mood for working. To sum it up, you should wear something comfortable, but not something that makes you feel like lying down.

Allocate a Dedicated Space for Working

This space would contain all your work papers, files, and stationery. You should also have a desk and chair for your computer or laptop. It is important that you DO NOT use your bed or couch, with your laptop nestled in your lap, for working. If your work material is spread all across the house, you'd always have to keep getting up for this or that. So, even if you don't have a full room for yourself, pick a corner or any space in the house where there are the least disturbance and distraction. Having a dedicated office space for your work from home jobs would make you more organized, disciplined, and extract more productivity from you. After all, that's the goal.

Always Have a Timetable


When you work from home, your work hours are flexible. You have the liberty to do things at your own convenience. However, your work may go haphazardly if you do not plan how to go about it. The main reason for productivity going down here is that when you don't have a structured time-table, you cannot meet all your targets on time. Even if you do not want to work for 5-6 hours at a stretch, don't fret, divide your work on an hourly basis, but make sure to stick to that plan. You should also keep in mind that your time-table should be convenient enough to follow. Do not set unrealistic goals - understand your work capacity and convenience, and plan accordingly.

Take Healthy Breaks

A healthy break here means taking some time off to read a book you like, or just do nothing for 15 minutes and relax. Take a nap if you want. Moreover, do not take elongated breaks that can demotivate you to get back to work again. Another advice is to refrain from using your phone too much, however tempting it may be. Many studies show that our phone and all the apps on it can drain your brain more than we realize. Instead of relaxing, one comes back feeling exhausted, mentally.

These are a few things that you should try and incorporate in your schedule at your work from home job. These will really help you maintain your productivity and become more disciplined at work.

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