How Genpact is Creating Impact with Women in Senior Leadership

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  • 01 Aug 2016


If you or a woman you know has 8+ years of work-experience in Risk, Digital, F&A, Analytics, Sales or Banking, then you or she has already made Genpact’s Careers 2.0 shortlist for hiring this August!

They are on a mission to recruit women on a career break who come with experience and qualifications in these areas, and they've already been successful at reinstating women in leadership positions: 

This August they have partnered with JobsForHer to bring women back to work through our portal! They are a company that values their female employees. The policies that they’ve put in place and sustain on a daily basis, is the proof in the pudding.


Learn – Grow – Succeed: This is what Genpact means to its talent.

They live by their value of ‘We Grow when our People Grow’.

Genpact is committed to growing their female employee base and embracing diversity at every level!

They are constantly recognizing and sponsoring high-potential women to senior management and AVP levels in their organization (43 mentored in the last 2 years!), and breaking new ground with their patented Careers 2.0!

Career 2.0

A niche Global Recruitment campaign, Career 2.0 aims to Increase the Gender Balance at the Leadership level.

Targeting qualified women who are keen on returning to the corporate world after a career break or sabbatical, this campaign is run exclusively on social media and has generated a lot of positive sentiment both internally and externally.

Piloted in India in May 2015, the campaign received terrific response and received 1000+ resumes almost as soon as it was launched.

Its success led to the campaign going to foreign shores and recruiting women in the US and UK as well. The recruits are offered customized flexible workdays as they embark on their new roles in the organization.

"Different women, different backgrounds, different circumstances, different talents, different ages – ever since the launch of Career 2.0, it has brought together a powerhouse of vibrant, driven, passionate women who left the workplace for personal reasons and have now made a dynamic comeback. It was wonderful to hear the pride with which Genpact leaders spoke about the Career 2.0 women in their teams, the progress and contributions they are making and how excited they are about the road ahead."

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Women-Friendly Policies at Genpact

A company that truly values diversity puts their money where their mouth is – so have a look at the pre-existing setup at Genpact that makes it an enviable place to work for women returning to work after a break...

Childcare Facilities: They boast competitive childcare facilities tied up with leading service providers like TLC, Klay, Medhaam, Strawberry Fields and Tara Early Learning Centre, in their campuses across India - Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Jaipur, and plans for a centre in Bangalore - which are 50% subsidized by Genpact.

Sexual Harassment Policy:  In addition, to make sure that everyone at every level is conscious and committed to fostering diversity in their teams, they have mandatory online training  for all front line managers, senior leaders, employees in the people function and recruitment teams, as well as employees in supervisory roles, on "Unconscious Bias", and an Internal Complaints Committee for addressing concerns that arise for women employees at the workplace. Regular awareness campaigns are run across the organization to ensure that the message reaches each and every employee, and regular women’s networking forums are utilized to build ‘safe places’ for women employees. They also have a robust Ombudsman network in all their offices across India. 

FlexiOptions: They offer remote working, tele-commuting and part-time work options for those who need them, and stork parking near the entrance of all their facilities for expectant mothers on their teams. 

About Genpact

A company incubated by GE has to have had blessed beginnings and Genpact does not disappoint.

Genpact stands for “generating business impact.” They are a global leader in digitally-powered business process management and services. The impact on their clients is a high return on transformation investments through growth, efficiency, and business agility. For two decades, first as a General Electric division and later as an independent company, they have been passionately serving a few hundred strategic clients including approximately one-fifth of the Fortune Global 500, and have grown to over 70,000 people in 25 countries, with key offices in New York City.

Genpact's Diversity Initiatives in a Nutshell!
Career 2.0 | Returning Moms | Stork Parking | Flexi-Work Policies | Leadership and professional skill development | Driving sensitization | Women’s Networking Forums | Unconscious Bias Training


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