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Who’d ever heard of expert chats with career advice online, available so easily, so frequently? (and for no charge, whatsoever!)

Well...NOW IT IS! On the JobsForHer Groups!
This group houses experienced mentors and career experts who have stepped up to pay it forward by offering their expertise and knowledge to help women rise in different stages in their careers.

Why Join:
Because such an opportunity does not come often!

This group is a place where one where you have free access to priceless career advice. And a chance to not just address YOUR career hurdles, but also to know of and learn from other’s career challenges and how they choose to rise above.


  • Easy and direct access to career advice from mentors and experts from the industry
  • Choose from and attend a variety of career development discussions
  • Be in the know of what companies and organisations look for in women professionals
  • Fall back on a constant guiding force in your career

Ready to come on board?


Join a group today to connect, learn, and share!

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