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It doesn’t matter if you’ve won awards for your work, or are just beginning to rise in your career.

Women achievers are ladies of substance who are changing the face of the workplace, and this group gives them all a platform to get together.

Regardless of your career break, or the industry you are in, if you’re ready to forge ahead in your career, then this group is your gateway to connect with leaders, industry experts and other women like YOU to help you build a strong career!

Why join the Women Achievers Group?

  • Connect with women leaders and learn how your industry functions
  • Stay up-to-date with achievements and trends
  • Get inside information on new opportunities


  • Get guidance and insights from industry leaders through Expert Chats
  • Be privy to special invites to exclusive events from our partners
  • Watch live updates within the group about top companies on the JobsForHer portal

Join the conversation with women achievers here!


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