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JobsForHer is a job portal for women to accelerate their careers in India by enabling them to start, restart, and rise in their careers.

Every day, we bring inspiration and motivation to millions of women across India to pursue their professional dreams despite the obstacles - both in the workplace, and outside of it. We do this on a scalable, kickass, robust platform across web and mobile using myriad technologies - both proven and emerging - in backend, frontend, and data science, while using cloud solutions to deploy and deliver a place to connect, learn, share, and grow for millions of women’s careers.

With over 6000 companies on our job portal for women, over 500 reskilling & training partners in our ReskillHer section, over 750 mentors on our MentorHer platform, and over a million women engaged on our online portal, and joining Groups on JobsForHer, all of these GROWING in numbers every day, we are the only place to START. RESTART. or RISE. in a woman’s career, with access to everything that she needs to do that, in one place.

We enable companies across India to hire top female talent to build robust, gender-balanced workforces that can launch the Indian economy to attainable, impossible heights - a direct result of balance at work.



Our company culture is inclusive, collaborative, passionate, and driven, with individual and collective commitment to a GREAT job done.

We take pride in our work, we take pride in our teamwork, we take pride in our mission and vision to reverse India’s female brain-drain at every stage of a woman’s career. We believe that gender-balanced companies make better workplaces that showcase better outcomes - for business and for society. We believe that women entering the workplace change workplaces from the ground up, unleashing their full potential on the world of work. We believe that more women at work creates more women in leadership, and that trickles down to more women-friendly and family-friendly workplaces, which can truly embody professional equalism at every level of an organization’s culture.

And we believe that men are our most important allies in this journey.

The men in our company enjoy the work-culture at JobsForHer immensely because it is different to any other they’ve experienced. Our only competition is outside the company, not within. On the inside, our core mantra is that we work TOGETHER to accelerate women’s careers. For better workplaces, better homes, a better economy, and a better society.

Our team is growing; it’s exciting, it’s challenging, it’s constantly evolving and adapting to the nuances of the world around us, because that is the mark of a truly successful startup. We pivot, point, and shoot at whatever needs doing, together.

Do you want to change the world (of work for women) with us?

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