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If you’ve been bitten by the career bug, and are raring to get back to work after your career break, then the Women Returnees Programmes Group is perfect for you!
This group comprises of women with varying years of experience in different fields, who have taken a break and are preparing to get back to the working world.
JobsForHer understands that you might be unsure of what your first step on your second career path should be.
That is why this group focuses on return-to-work programmes designed in such a way that you can plan and ace your comeback!

Why join the Women Returnees Programmes Group

  • Meet and connect with other women who are getting back to work
  • Get information on reskilling and other options before you take that first step

  • Be the first to receive information on special courses and offers for women returnees
  • Ask questions, answer others and stay connected with the community
  • Get guidance on your job search and navigating the JobsForHer portal from our Community Management Interns

Join a group today to connect, learn, and share!

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