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Women in tech! Hear us, please!

The world of technology beckons you. If discussions on testing tools, techniques and methodologies are what you’re in search of, come aboard this group to ask a question or two, to share your knowledge in the field and to connect with fellow testers!
After all, nothing matches the power of a collective!

Why Join:

Because technology advances at such a frantic pace!
And to stay in the know of the things, all by yourself, all the time, can be painful (and lonely!).

Whereas, in a group that shares your passion, and houses so many voices, knowledge exchange and learning becomes much simpler and fun!


- Get first-hand information of tech drives and events by JobsForHer across India

- Leap ahead (faster) from the knowledge transfer that happens on daily Expert Chats

- Feel rewarded by sharing information that is useful to and in the benefit of other techies on the group

- Be surprised by the answers you’ll receive to all your tech-oriented questions

Ready to come on board?


Join a group today to connect, learn, and share!

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