Webinar with Supriya Padmanabhan Managing Partner, My Persona

  • JFH Calender 2nd March, 2017 to 3rd March, 2017
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Webinar with Supriya Padmanabhan Managing Partner,My Persona 

Supriya Padmanabhan has been striving to understand and creatively work with the mind for over twenty-five years. A student of English Literature and Psychology, she entered the world of Advertising & Communication in Bombay. Working first with Clarion Advertising and then Everest Advertising, Supriya began her discovery of what stimulates the mind, while effectively and creatively working with brands to influence consumer behaviour. She then moved to Florida, USA and sharpened her marketing skills, recognising the need for more personalized data management and the growing importance of the Internet as an influencer.

Back in India, Supriya moved to Chennai to set up the local branch of JWT’s Direct Marketing Division – RMG Connect. During this time,she was the force behind award winning campaigns for Effective Communications. Supriya has also represented RMG Connect as guest faculty at Great Lakes Inst. of Management, IFMR and Ad Club. With strategically sound and successful campaigns behind her, Supriya stepped away from corporate life to study the mind further. She began to spend more time understanding how our beliefs & our emotions influence us. Supriya is a certified Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps people recognise the body-mind connection.

Five years ago, Supriya Padmanabhan co-created the My Persona process. A culmination of her experience, The My Persona process has been designed to work with Leaders, creating high impact leadership in an authentic and relevant manner. It is crafted to unearth every individual’s unique leadership edge. Today, with over 25 years of experience in the field of communication, Supriya works with individuals & leaders to facilitate them to be the best expression of themselves. Her experience is rich with a combination of marketing & positioning, combined with coaching & mentoring- resulting in energizing workshops and one-on-one coaching that leads to a visible difference She is recognized for her ability to connect with people and enhance the art of effective communication. Her clients include organizational leaders, teachers, teenagers and parents.


Supriya Padmanabhan is a Featured Mentor with JobsForHer click here to follow her


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