Diversity Drive 2.0 - Your Ticket BACK TO WORK after a Break!

Diversity Drive 2.0 - Your Ticket BACK TO WORK after a Break!

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Go ahead, FOLLOW these companies now, and APPLY to their job-openings today to get in on the JFH Diversity Drive 2.0: MINDTREE |CITI INDIA | TITAN

Were you a force to be reckoned with at a strategy meeting, when you were working before your break? Did coding get your blood pumping when working on a big project with your last company? Were you on managerial track and rocking it before you decided that it was a better decision to step away (and it probably was, at the time)?

Well, for the entire month of August you have JobsForHer's Diversity Drive 2.0 through which you can apply directly to SELECT Featured Companies on our portal without feeling like you need to hide, explain, make excuses for, or negate that gap in your resume! 

We are bringing the companies to YOU, and you need to take your place in line for the AMAZING roles that they are showcasing within their Diversity-Forward organizations all through this month! 

All you need to do is follow the links for each company below, visit their Featured Employer page on our portal, and APPLY today for the positions that they've lined up:

CITI INDIA - 'The CITI never sleeps', Committed to Excellence... Citibank is also awake to Diversity, as a competitive advantage

MINDTREE - “Born Digital” and proud of their social conscience, at this company, people are PEOPLE, not resources... 

TITAN - With a strong philosophy of 'People First', the work-culture at Titan encourages employees to learn, innovate, experiment and grow...

GENPACT (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) “Generating business impact": a global leader in digitally-powered business process management and services, and running a successful Women Leadership program for women returning from a break - Career 2.0... 

KEMWELL (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) -  The first-choice strategic partner for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, who have won the trust & repeat business of many of the top 10 pharma companies of the world...

TARGET (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) - North America’s second-largest discount retailer serving guests at over 1,800 stores, on Target.com and mobile, with a 2,800+ member team in India, and a Back on Target returnee internship program...

We're committed to getting you back to work because our team is primarily made up of women who took a break in our careers and came back to them after facing the same hurdles and setbacks that you are dealing with now. 

So go ahead and click on the Company Links above, Follow them, and APPLY to their job-openings today!

We are invested in your success because we know that women building each other up can only make the world a better place! 

Welcome back to your professional life through JobsForHer!


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  10th Sep 2016 to 10th Sep 2016

  9:00am to 6:30pm


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