About Us

MHEPL is one of India’s leading healthcare provider. MHEPL has close to 6000 employees across India and Malaysia. We are an equal opportunity employer. We are proud to say that 66% of MHEPLs workforce are women. At corporate and in senior positions we have 29% Women employees. Most of our policies are framed considering the higher % of women workforce.

Women friendly policies

  • Flexi Option

    we have introduced flexi working hours so women can cope with the many roles they play.Our work shifts are convenient and help maintain work-life balance. While the statutorily mandated hours per week are 48hrs our shifts are designed in a way that employees work 45 hours thereby having a greater work-life balance.

  • Amenities for Women

    Grooming: to enhance confidence in women in front facing roles: Grooming Studios have been set up for women employees in front facing roles so that they can face the world with increased confidence.Training for Grooming is being given to women in front facing roles so that it equips them to be presentable and focuses on their personal hygiene.Health For women:Specific Sessions on Women Health: As a part of “Agels” which is a community promoting healthy living within Manipal we conduct “Yoga for women” sessions and other health sessions to foster well being and health in women. Free Annual and bi-annual health checks are given to employees. Discounted health-check packages on women’s day are also given to our women workforce.We have very liberal mediclaim benefits covering women comfortably during their pregnancies. And also covering the new born for any ailments from day 1. We provide hostel facilities for Nursing staff and also understanding their demanding work nature have provided our hostels with washing machines for helping the nursing staff reduce the time spent on laundry jobs Young scholar’s scheme – helped many a moms cope with the education needs of their kids. Professional development policy helped many women to refine their skills and grow up the ladder Drona – the train the trainer program has helped women to take up more responsibilities and grow up to managerial cadres.


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