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About Us

InCred is a new-age financial services group that leverages technology and data-science to make lending quick and easy. InCred is credit for Incredible India. We use technology and data-science to make lending quick, simple and hassle-free. We believe traditional ways of lending can exclude those most in need because of outdated, rigid and often inefficient processes. At InCred, we have simplified the lending process with a sharp focus on serving our borrowers’ unique needs and circumstances.

Company Details

Industry Banking/Financial Services/Insurance
Size 1001-5000
Established In 2016

InCred’s culture is built around our core values and leadership commitments which are 




All our employee initiatives, policies, engagements, recognition and communications are structured with these values and commitments at their core. Being a young, dynamic and aggressively growing organization, we believe that all our energies as a team need to be aligned and driven by the same behavior.  

Thriving in a culture of openness, appreciation and equal opportunity is what makes the journey of each InCredible unique and rewarding. We believe in celebrating our success together and owning up for any improvements as a team.

Women friendly policies
Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave – InCred provides maternity leave benefits to birth and adoptive mothers. A birth mother can avail upto 26 weeks of paid leaves. Further extensions can be availed in case of any requirement which the mother may have due to own or newborn’s need. Flexible working arrangements can also be planned on a need basis upon discussion.


Adoption Leaves: Adoptive mothers can avail upto 12 weeks of paid leaves in order to bond with the newborn.

Paternity Leave

Paternity Leaves – these are allowed for men in order to provide for immediate support needed for a new born


Even pre COVID, we have practiced a policy of providing flexible work options to our employees wherever life necessitates a need for such an arrangement. With due discussion and consultation between manager, employee and Human resources, these discussions are taken ahead.


Our employee referral program while active across the organization has a provision of providing double rewards for successful referral of any female candidate hence encouraging more an dmore deserving women to join our workforce.

Diversity Initiatives

InCred is an equal opportunity employer with meritocracy being the central pillar of giving growth to all our employees. Having said that, over the last few years we have worked upon improving our gender diversity in the organization. We have done by focusing on hiring women in roles which specifically have a larger talent pool of women and businesses where women have excelled in our organization. Our campus program has large intake of women employees. To encourage participation of more women in our work force our organizations employee referral program also has enhanced rewards for women referrals. We enjoy very high engagement scores amongst women employees. At the same time significant efforts are also made to retain women employees by working around any work life constraints they may have in order to continue working with us.

At InCred we also have specific engagement events for women through the year. These include panel discussions, talks on women taking charge of their careers & personal life during Women’s day celebrations, health management sessions etc. We also have exclusive interaction sessions for women employees with our CEO to get their view on working at InCred and what can be done to make it even better.

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