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  • 12 Mar 2019


Have you ever felt the need to start a career in teaching? Look no further.

Cuemath is India’s largest network of math teachers who are dedicated to change the way math is taught – not just as a subject but as a life skill.

YOU can be a Cuemath Teacher

Cuemath gives you the opportunity to redefine your career by becoming a Cuemath Teacher Partner. Starting a Cuemath Center from the comfort of your home is as simple as it sounds.

It gives you the flexibility to work from home, and the opportunity to earn an attractive income.


All you need is some time to learn the basics before you get started. Cuemath provides you.

  • With all the material you need to teach
  • With the training and certification and also the marketing support you need to get students for your center.

Once these are in place, you’re already on the road to being a successful Cuemath Teacher Partner.


How You Benefit as a Cuemath Teacher

  • Flexibility
  • Financial Stability
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Receive professional training about the entire Cuemath program

As a Cuemath Teacher, you are responsible for teaching students from Kindergarten up to 10th grade.

“ I realised that neither schools nor tuitions were addressing the gap in conceptual understanding that kids need during their foundational years. Cuemath was the only program that addressed this gap and I had to be a part of it", says Neha, Cuemath Teacher since 2016.


Once a Cuemath Teacher, Always a Cuemath Teacher

This growing community of professionals is waiting to get you on board. With more than 5,000 Cuemath Teacher Partners, there is no excuse for you not to get on the wagon and be part of a tribe that is changing the future!

The Cuemath teacher community is so much more than just math teachers, it is run by teachers who are driven, motivated, and committed towards developing mathematical thinking in children from all over the country.

With more than 40,000 children enrolled in the program, YOUR role as a Cuemath Teacher is a welcome opportunity to bring more young minds into the fold.



The most effective math learning experience

  • The Cuemath curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning math by reasoning and helping children understand the 'why' behind the 'what. With this, they learn better and faster. 
  • Individualized learning with a classroom size of 6:1. Cuemath teachers are trained to cue the students to arrive at an answer rather than giving them out upfront.


Fuel Your Passion for Teaching

“ I have always loved Math. My favourite part about being a Cuemath Teacher is the challenge of making sure that my students are not only able to solve questions but are also able to understand the concepts tested by these questions”, says Rupa, Cuemath Teacher since 2016.

As math experts, the Cuemath mission is to lead the way in building mathematical thinking in children to enable them to become problem solvers and creative thinkers of the future.

If there’s one place where your passion for teaching and your love for working with children come together, it’s at Cuemath.

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