Jobs in Marketing - Embracing and Overcoming the Obstacles

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  • 26 Feb 2019

The Financial Capital – Mumbai

The city of dreams, Mumbai, is often called the financial capital of India. Hence, there is a vast availability of marketing jobs in Mumbai. Marketing jobs are all about changing a potential customer to an actual one. It would require research based on which marketing strategies can be planned. And then, those strategies are put into successful implementation. However, working in marketing jobs in Mumbai is not a very easy task. It comes with its own set of challenges.

Weather Conditions

In marketing, where often a lot of travel is involved, the weather plays a significant role. Working for sales and marketing jobs in Mumbai means you have to face the infamous Mumbai humidity. This weather makes you prone to sweating profusely. Moreover, it also throws a challenge on the type of clothes you wear while on the job. Therefore, in such situations, it is often advisable to carry an extra pair of clothes with you as it helps you look presentable at your meetings. Drinking water and staying hydrated is also an important aspect.

Other than the general weather, any traditional marketing job has to contend with the seasonal weather changes. Cities like Bangalore or Mumbai that see frequent changes in the weather, often within the duration of a single day, pose their own set of problems for people working in sales and marketing.

Challenges in Commuting

Another challenge which is often faced in big cities is travelling around. This goes hand in hand with the weather also. Travelling is one of the basic requirements for marketing jobs in Mumbai as the already enormous city just keeps on expanding. In fact, marketing jobs in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and such mega cities would also need you to master their public transport system. Because we are being specific here, in a city like Mumbai where distances are huge, the local trains can save you a huge amount of time and money. However, the timings and navigating through the number of people using the network is something that needs to be mastered though.

Dealing with the Long Working Hours

The cold, hard truth of sales and marketing jobs anywhere is that you have to deal with long working hours. Now, these extra hours teamed up with the above-mentioned challenge of commuting to far off places is exhausting. This is something which anyone doing a job in the metro cities will have to contend with. In cities like Mumbai, employees often have to contend with 12-14 working hours a day. However, with appropriate planning and an organized scheduled, you can make these working hours less tedious for yourself.

The Silver Lining

The challenges aren’t all bad. In fact, many of the problems are actually boons if you take it that way. Marketing jobs in Mumbai or in any other metro cities usually have a lot of competition for the position. With increasing migrants coming into the cities as well as the quality of education provided, job seekers often have to compete with many others for the position. Therefore, there’s no wondering why marketing jobs are considered to be one of the most lucrative job opportunities.

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