A Woman's Work Never Ends...

  • Neha
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  • Working Women
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  • 02 Jun 2015


“The Indian government so far has not ratified ILO Convention No. 156 of 1981, which calls for equal treatment of men and women coping with family responsibilities. This convention states that either parent should have the opportunity, in the period immediately following the end of maternity leave, of obtaining leave of absence from paid employment without relinquishing full rights in the workplace.” After nearly 35 years of lagging behind the rest of the developed world, is it time for us to begin the movement to make this happen? By classifying the work done at home as “care-giving”, for women in all strata of our society the work never ends; but the acknowledgement and remuneration for the same are seemingly non-existent. India needs to change, and we need to be that change. To read more about how women are still struggling to have it all in “New India” with all its promises of a glittering, prosperous life to Indians here and abroad, go here:

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