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The Coaching Anchor is founded by Smriti Goel. Smriti works with associates who are experts in their respective fields and have garnered wide global experience at very senior level of training and coaching.  

The Coaching Anchor believes in the basic premise of Coaching – that every individual is whole and has untapped resources within to deal with the change they desire for themselves.What could be stopping them from accessing those resources is the lack of awareness, lack of faith in one’s own abilities and perhaps lack of concerted action to overcome fear or inertia.

The coach’s job is to create high self-awareness, re-frame past experiences for useful outcomes, overcome internal barriers and facilitate creation of possibilities that will catapult our clients towards action. The Coaching Anchor empowers its clients to formulate a powerful vision as well as hold them accountable for a consistent effort to move towards their dreams and goals.

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Active Course : Mind Over Matter


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 EXECUTIVE COACHING : We use the skills of being a trained and business experience to help clients connect to their deep-seated beliefs and create sustainable change

 LIFE COACHING: We help clients to bridge the gap between desire and reality in a safe, supportive environment.

CUSTOMIZED LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS: We combine group work with one-to-one coaching and create customized programs which drive sustained learning with long standing benefits.


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