About Us:

Great Learning is an ed-tech company that offers programs in career critical competencies such as Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and more. Our programs are taken by thousands of professionals every year who build competencies in these emerging areas to secure and grow their careers.  


We are on a mission to make professionals proficient and future ready. We do this by creating industry relevant programs and crafting learning experiences that help candidates learn, apply and demonstrate capabilities in these high-growth areas. Every program and every lecture that gets delivered through any of our several programs values the time, effort and dedication of our learner. This is why they are designed to be meaningful and impactful. And because learning a new skill is tough, a core part of our learning experience is the learning assistance that we provide to our candidates. We use technology, content and a wide network of industry experts (Great Learning Gurus) to help candidates learn in the most impactful manner through our unique delivery formats - online content with personalised mentorship on weekends and weekend classroom sessions with online content.



  • Great Learning is amongst the top 5 ed-tech startups in India in terms of revenue and scale
  • Over 5000+ professionals have taken Great Learning programs and we have delivered 3.5+ million hours of learning in
  • We have a network of 500+ Great Learning Gurus, all of who are industry experts engaged in teaching, guiding and mentoring our candidates through our programs
  • Our analytics programs have been ranked as India's best program for 2015,16, 2017 & 2018


At Great Learning, true success means providing an unparalleled learning experience that empowers and enables individuals to scale greater heights of success in the digital economy. At Great Learning, we believe in ‘Learning for Life’.