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Work Experience + Life Experience = Your Profile+

Profile+ is the world’s first professional profile for a woman to flaunt her work experience plus life experience, both of which are invaluable to Start, Restart and Rise in her career.

Steps to create your Profile+

1. Sign up and claim your unique Profile+ link.

2. Choose the stage you are in your career journey.

3. Flaunt your work experience and education plus life experience and all the
skills you learnt from them.

4. Upload your profile picture and give us one line that best describes your work+life experience

...and your Profile+ just got started!.

Why Profile+ for Women

When you create a profile for yourself on the JobsForHer portal, you get to highlight ALL the experiences in your life that have contributed to making you the woman you are today.

Use it to impress potential employers, network with other women professionals and leave a mark on the working world.

How Do Women Benefit

All professional profiles today talk about work experience and qualifications. As a woman, you know that what you bring to the workplace is so much more.

And it's time the world paid attention.

Your Profile+ can help potential
employers understand what you can
to their organisation

It helps you take charge of
your career journey and confidently
claim your skill sets

It creates visibility
for you professionally, since you can
share it across all platforms

Get started now and show the world what you’re made of!

Profile+ FAQs
  • 1. What is Profile+?

    Profile+ is a unique professional profile created exclusively by JobsForHer for women who want to accelerate their careers.

  • 2. Who can create a Profile+?

    Any woman who is a student, a fresher, an experienced professional or even someone on a career break can sign up to JobsForHer and create her Profile+.

  • 3. How will a Profile+ help me?

    Through your Profile+, you can showcase all the skill sets you’ve acquired at various stages of your life, impress potential employers and even create visibility for your personal brand in your organisation.

  • 4. How is Profile+ different from other professional profiles on job sites?

    Most professional profiles offer to show only your work experience and educational qualifications. In your Profile+, you get the chance to describe all the skills you acquired during your life experience, no matter what stage you’re in.

  • 5. What can I show in my Profile+?

    Use your Profile+ to speak about your life experiences — marriage, motherhood, relocation, elderly care, career break for health reasons — and all the skills you learnt from it, along with work experience and educational qualifications.

  • 6. Can I create a unique Profile+ username?

    Yes, the first few women to sign up to JobsForHer can claim their unique Profile+ in their name, e.g.: ‘sunitanarain’. Don’t wait too long, or your namesake might snatch it up!

  • 7. Who can see my Profile+?

    Once complete, your Profile+ is visible to all the users of JobsForHer, including other women professionals, potential employers from companies, our reskilling partners and mentors. You can share the link of your Profile+ with anyone, even those who are not registered on the JobsForHer portal.

  • 8. How can I send my Profile+ to an employer?

    Your Profile+ page will contain a shareable link that you can send to any person you wish. They will be able to view your complete profile.

  • 9. Can I upload pictures to my Profile+?

    Yes. You can upload pictures for any stage of your work or life experience you have mentioned on your Profile+, including a profile picture at the top.

  • 10. Can I upload my resume to my Profile+?

    Yes. You can upload your updated resume as an added feature of your Profile+.

  • 11. What are the documents required while creating my Profile+?

    Nothing. JobsForHer does not ask for documentation to create your Profile+. However, you do need to enter the duration and other details of your work experience and educational background. So, it is better to keep supporting documents handy to make it easier for you to create your Profile+.