description Summary

Started off as an energetic  software engineer with a zeal to learn everything that came my way. This helped me in my journey of 15+ years in the industry encompassing different roles starting from being a team member, quickly moving to team lead , project lead , project manager gaining insights and experience managing projects and building products , facing and solving challenges gracefully

My enthusiasm to learn and help others learn lead me to be the Founder of an educative Start-up Along the way, I realised there is something that  needs to be done in this maze of digital world for our future stars. There is just too much of digital content and there is a need for filtering and providing good content to kids.

 My technical knowledge  helped me create the website on google cloud platform using its PaaS GAE and nosql datastore. The recent advancements in client-side architecture  proved to be a great help in designing a responsive and faster front-end.

My experience as a parent of two very curious kids who happen to be voracious readers too, helped me and my team research for good content. The website and it's Newsletter has helped many parents get good informational content at their fingertips for their kids.

My effort in aiding holistic development of kids helped me bag the HerRising Award in 2019 in the Women in Education category

Functional Area

Software Development, Teaching/Education/Language Specialist


Education/Teaching/Training, IT-Software/Software Services


Google Cloud Engine,J2EE,Project Manager,Design ,Content Manager