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I began writing stories at the age of 7 and became a feminist a little earlier than that.

I discovered that that’s what I was in Women’s Studies 101 during my first year at Knox College, IL, USA, as a Creative Writing major. That class, which I took randomly for a credit, led to a deep-rooted love affair with the subject and to it becoming the other half of my double major at graduation.

A xennial constantly moving countries all through childhood and adolescence due to world events like The Gulf War, and family events like my mother becoming the EA to India’s biggest tycoon in a newly emerging Indian economy, thrive in chaos, upheaval, and turbulence. An articulate, engaging communicator with finely-honed relationship management skills, who readily establishes rapport and trust with people from all backgrounds and interests, I also bring an astute understanding of the unique perspectives and values of intercultural demographic groups, given my smorgasbord track record in the fields of sales, marketing & event management in industries as diverse as hospitality, F&B, coffee exports, fundraising for the performing & cultural arts, and IT. [The writing skills came in handy for them all.]

With 3 career restarts, 4 country relocations before marriage, and an indefatigable fire in the belly to change the world for and with my son,  I am now a founding member and the Head of Creative Content at JobsForHer – a portal that brings women back to work after a break, in India, connecting them with companies who want to hire them. Here, my team and I craft beautiful content into compelling content that sells.

A firm believer in the value and beauty of education gleaned from every experience, connection, and challenge, I have found my calling with JobsForHer, which is the perfect bridge between my capitalist mind and socialist heart – a socio-economic revolution that is bringing women back to work, across India.

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Content Writer/Editor/Journalist, Marketing/Advertising/MR/Media Planning, Sales/Business Development/Client Servicing




Writing, Marketing, Sales, Communication, Relationship Management,