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Sandy loves working with children and believes that they are our most precious resources.

Having devoted close to a decade in the field of education, she believes that experiential learning is the most meaningful methodology and has far-reaching benefits to the learner, way beyond the confines of the pages in a textbook.

She received her teachers' training from Christ University and is also a trained Montessori adult. She has a flair for all things literary, is highly creative and devoted to creating learning spaces that are engaging and everlasting.


About The Freethinking School.

The Freethinking School is focused on delivering personalized Montessori experiential learning that extends beyond the classroom to make every child a freethinker for life.

The programs offered at The Freethinking School are broadly based on Montessori principles and layered with other hands-on learning experiences that will engage and involve all their senses, making learning fun, real and permanent. These experiences take into consideration their multiple intelligences such as - math, logical, linguistics, body kinesthetic (dance), music, aesthetics (art), interpersonal (social etiquette), intra-personal (practical life), and spiritual intelligence (building strong values). 

At The Freethinking School we celebrate each child's individuality by catering to every child's interests and aptitude, providing them with strong fundamentals for a lifetime of learning.

Our enterprising teachers make lessons engaging, fun and rewarding. you’ll also find lots of creative and enjoyable activities in the extended school day, from vocal training to learning to play musical instruments and from drama to dance and art in ‘The Freethinking Club’. you can rest assured that our programs will offer your child a solid foundation for life.

Parents are a big part of the school and you can expect the school to involve you frequently in the educational process both on and off the campus.


Functional Area

Teaching/Education/Language Specialist