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  • With close to two decades of experience as an industrialist (director at SurHenning, Co-founder Bir Metal systems and Bir Furniture); with marketing, production, automation and labour unions… the longing to touch lives began.
  • For the past decade as the founder of Swayambhav, she has stood and stood for all it takes to honour our children and support parents and educators with their child nurturing.
  • The prime focus is on Parenting and one’s own Emotional health. Two vital areas where she feels a paradigm shift and non-judgemental support are vital for today’s young parents, more so for mothers restarting their career. 
  •  In the capacity of a mentor, she brings to her role, her education, experience of managing her organisations, the gratifying and humbling joy of nurturing 2 adults aged 24  and 22 and a teeny bit of wisdom gathered along the journey- which you are welcome to shoot down. 
  • Her dream is to see every child being honoured, the seeds of which are sown early in our homes and schools. She dreams that women start standing up to their true selves.

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