description Summary

  • Ranjani is the founder and designated partner - Palindrome Concepts and Solutions LLP. Palindrome is an experiential learning venture that converged the paths of three women who also happen to be sisters. That has been the biggest strength of the venture started more than 2 years ago. Palindrome has been doing pioneering work in using expressive arts and experiential learning for service excellence especially in healthcare and IT. 
  • She is an Electronics and Communications engineer, has diverse experience in consulting, behavioral assessments and corporate training (software testing as well as behavioral training).
  • She is a CMTAI & CID (UNESCO) certified therapeutic movement facilitator.  She conceptualizes and coaches women, children, professionals, individuals with mental illnesses and students. She has been working to help cancer patients, their care givers and those suffering from fibromyaligia using creative movement therapy. 
  • She is also an empaneled behavioral assessor and has been involved in assessment of behavioral competencies of IT managers and Senior Managers. She coaches women in leadership and enterpreneurial modules.  She has been working in the diversity and inclusion space, especially focussed on gender diversity. She has presented an international paper related to gender diversity iniatives at the WEPAN conference in Missouri. She has presented at several conferences including the Sheroes summit, Network of Women meetups, to name a few. 
  • As part of her own venture’s projects, she conceptualizes varied programs for several sectors including but not limited to IT, education, healthcare and manufacturing. 

Functional Area

QA/Testing, Teaching/Education/Language Specialist




Software testing, Agile, Training, Coaching (Expressive Arts)